Set It And Forget It With Grobo Indoor Growing System

For marijuana enthusiast, Grobo introduced a smart home growing system making things easier and more advanced as well as more beautiful. Described as a “Keurig for plants,” the system virtually does all of the work for you. All you have to do is fill the reservoirs with water and nutrients, insert seeds into the base, and then with the press of a button (via a connected app) get started.

It’s not exactly just for marijuana growers though because it can also be used to grow everything from tomatoes to other herbs. The LEDs within the Grobo mimic a full 18 hours of sunshine each day while carbon filters can be turned to eliminate any odors created by the plants.

The Grobo is available for pre-order today for $899 USD. 30 days after release it will gradually climb up to $1,399 USD. You will also need to purchase roughly $15 to $20 worth of nutrients each month.

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