SelfMade, Growing As A Team

Team Photo

SelfMade is an artist based company that believes in the importance of self-expression and individuality. By being true to yourself you will not only realize, but chase your dreams. SelfMade believes in being the person you want to be, the person you are meant to be, and the best you.

SelfMade Designs (SMD) is a 3 part organization consisting of art, clothing/design, and entertainment. The group makeup is currently full of multi-talented artists such as rappers, producers, engineers, and designers. Together in collaboration SelfMade all come together to bring the best product possible through the outlets they have created for themselves.

Make sure to keep up with SelfMade (A1, BizzyBam, CoRN, Croc, Hoovey, Jus Gamble, Shizz and Slim) as they look to grow, not only as artists but most importantly as a team.

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