S.E.L.F. Makes No Excuses

What makes S.E.L.F. a remarkable artist is how he presents himself to his audience. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time in the limelight is coming up. With the potential for global reach, all the work he puts in now puts him one step closer. S.E.L.F. is only expected to release top notch music that will only further his reach and engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

This songwriter/hip hop artist/producer/entertainer/actor who was born and raised in Richmond, VA didn’t have his first music experience until he was 17. It was at that moment that music became a passion. S.E.L.F. has been inspired by such acts as Kayne West, Outkast, Lauryn Hill (The Fugees), and 2 Pac. His name is an acronym for “Supreme Elite Living Freely.” He’s been faced with many obstacles to overcome, but has never given up and made no excuses. He continues to follow his dreams.

In January 2017 he dropped his mixtape titled The Prophecy that became a classic amongst his fans. S.E.L.F. then followed up with the album Kickin Game that was released in late April. “One of my many goals is to be an international artist and connecting with my fans across the world with shows in other countries,” he adds in.

Official website: www.instagram.com/selflife101
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/selflife101

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