Seemore Bluntz, Taking His Own Steps

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Seemore Bluntz was born Melvin Temple Jr. on April 29th out of Staten Island, NY. Seemore is an aspiring hip-hop artist with dreams of being successful in the music industry. With his talent featured on various websites, Seemore Bluntz is building his presence in the hip-hop world creating songs showcasing his clever word play, wit, and storytelling abilities which makes him different from most emcees. Seemore started writing music at the age of 8 and recorded his first track at P. King Studios at the age of 12, courtesy of his managers at the time, J&E Entertainment. After the disappearance of one of his managers, Seemore decided to take his own steps using the knowledge he learned to find his place in hip -hop.

A disheartening childhood and the death of his mother are among the accumulation of things in life that caused him to struggle with controlling his anger. Only one thing was always there to help him get through, hip-hop. Whether it was listening to music or writing his own lyrics, he was able to find a positive outlet to release his feelings and emotions by telling the world his story.

While releasing a couple of local mixtapes such as “Bluntly Speaking” and “The Uninvited Guest,” he was focused on learning and honing his craft. He has enhanced and improved his skills everyday by studying the legends of the game and taking in constructive criticism where he could get it. Seemore Bluntz has been compared to legendary artists such as Nas, Busta Rhymes, Big L, and Black Thought due to his flow, lyrical content, song making ability and versatility. At the same time he has managed to set himself apart from the masses by being himself and telling his own story through his music.

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