Sean Delaney’s Sound Is About Connection With His Fans


From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, New York’s Sean Delaney has made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the big leagues won’t be a surprise in this case. Do not forget that when you hear Sean Delaney on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the success.

Since 2008 Sean Delaney, also known as SDot, has been on the scene representing for the 518 area code. He has had many significant accomplishments in his career including opening up for talents like Slaughterhouse, DMX, and the late Sean Price. He has countless awards as a songwriter including the New York State Excellence Award for his lyrics on “Open Your Eyes.” He was even given a front of the line pass for his songwriting skills for Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. With all this recognition, he’s always finding new ways to make his mark on hip hop.

In early 2016 he released his 11th studio project REWIND which is making a lot of noise. Now Delaney’s working on a new mixtape tape that’ll blend 80’s songs and his style of hip hop. Additionally, he’s also working on new music and preparing for a major project involving kids and good grades. His sound is all about connecting with his fans through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and an inspired personal flow that has been mastered throughout the course of his career.

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