Scott Joye*, We Can Make It To The Top

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Scott Joye* has been selected as a Suggested Artist in the December 2008 and November 2009 round of the Song of the Year for his song “We Can Make It To The Top,” a powerful sound that will have you dancing. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only those artists whose collective works display consistently noteworthy creativity and talent receive such a recognition.

Mixtapes featuring Scott Joye* brought to light his talent by selecting his song “We Can Make It To The Top” on their number one rated sitcom Girlfriends (episode 64). Disney Records and Buena Vista Music Group also selected the song “We Can Make It to the Top” for the 50th anniversary album. You can see Scott Joye* in the Murad skincare commercial as well.

The Media praised him for his sensational opening performances for pop star Ce Ce Pension and also his unforgettable opening for club star diva Lonnie Gordon. His moving song, “Screaming Soul,” was featured in the independent drama feature One Day One Life, a film written and directed by neo-filmmaker Derrick Mullins. He’s PAed for Trail Of Blood and also worked in the art department, and PAed for the director and producer of the movie SPIN.

Twitter: @joye_scott
Instagram: @scottjoye
Facebook: scott.joye
Soundcloud: sjoye-music

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