Sayem Khan 70, On A Musical Journey

Sayem Khan 70-photo

Although Sayem Khan 70 was born in Bangladesh, he grew up in the United States and began to record music while working in Haiti in 2012. Being bilingual, fluent in English and his native tongue of Bengali, he’s using this skill to write and sing in both languages. With an affinity for Reggae music, his aspiration is to introduce the sweet Reggae sound to his Bengali culture. He’s currently performing live at local venues in the Boston area and is working on his upcoming EP. Recently, he performed at Bridging the Music’s Massachusetts Solo Artists Award show and was selected as a finalist for 2016. On November 28, 2015 he’ll be performing in New York City for the first time.

Even though Sayem’s from the Far East, he’s looking forward to go just as far, if not further, on his musical journey.

Official website:
Twitter: @Straightup70


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