SATHIN, Stop All Tears Hope Is Near


SATHIN, acronym for Stop All Tears Hope Is Near, is a group of 4 brothers who came together in 2007 and put their gathered passion for music to work. Salvador Rocha, Savior, is the oldest followed by Matthew Rocha, B-Man, then Juanluis Rocha, Wik’d, and the youngest brother Benjamin Rocha, Little Ben. The siblings were born and raised in the town of Othello, WA and each discovered their passion for music at different ages. As they began writing and singing together, their drive and passion for music became serious doing whatever they could to bring lyrics to life.

In the beginning of 2011, SATHIN released their first album The Beginning and holding the hardcopy of the project provided fulfillment in knowing that it was the start of greatness. Along with hard copies, the album also was available for purchase on iTunes, Google Music Store, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Shazam. The follow up was 2014’s Diary of the Hopeless: Silent Battles and since the release of their first project, SATHIN has been reaching for their dreams. All that they have accomplished is nowhere near to where they are going. It’s definitely a start of something greater to come.

With a focus on finding more opportunities to perform in front more and larger crowds, SATHIN has started work on their latest untitled album that is sure to drum up serious buzz. They are also working on a couple new songs as a second edition to Diary of the Hopeless. As they continue with goals and recording music, they’ll also keep focus and will continue to work on themselves each day.

Facebook: RoachProduction
Soundcloud: sathin09

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