Saranyu, Old Habits Die Hard


Saranyu, pronounced [Suh-Ron-U], is an Asian-American Hip Hop artist from Virginia Beach, VA born March 7, 1991. It first started out as a hobby when Saranyu and his child hood friend Matt Dodds purchased their very first microphone to record with. Over the years, Saranyu began to take his hobby more seriously after realizing how therapeutic creating music could be. Saranyu worked on developing and honing his craft and creating heart felt relatable content that could only be felt through his personal experiences that he went through as a young teen growing up.

As Saranyu progressed, he realized that this was a great way for him to vent and reflect upon his memories of the past. Saranyu has also released his first mixtape titled “Old Habits Die Hard” on November 3, 2014 which is available for free to download on Bandcamp. The mixtape allows the listener to gain an introspective experience through the eyes and emotions of a young Saranyu troubled by love and everyday life in Virginia Beach.

Saranyu is inspired by today’s top artist including J. Cole, Drake, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Chris Brown, and many more. Saranyu is currently working on his second mixtape that he plans on releasing in 2015.

YouTube: @SaranyuGotSoul
Instagram: @saranyu_s
Twitter: @ OfficialSaranyu
Facebook: @officialsaranyu
Snapchat: @saranyu

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