Samsung Unveils “Level”, BEATS Competitor

Rude Boy Magazine

Just several months after unveiling a line of premium headphones worldwide, Samsung announced on Wednesday the availability of its new Level headphones in the United States.

Featuring a retro, over-the-ear design, Level, which includes a Bluetooth speaker box as well as a set of earphones, will likely draw instant comparisons to Apple’s Beats headphones. With its product offerings, design, pricing, and demographically specific promotional video (see below), it appears that would-be Beats consumers are exactly who Samsung is targeting with its Level line. If you compare the two companies, Samsung seems to now offer direct alternatives to nearly all of Beats’ primary products.

As they are not yet available, media hasn’t yet had a chance to review and compare the audio quality of the Level line versus its competitors, but for those looking to escape the gravity well of the Apple-Beats combo, Samsung’s Level could be an interesting alternative. Now that Apple owns Beats, this latest Samsung move probably won’t help quiet chatter that the Korean electronics giant is attempting to become an Apple clone.

Initial availability for Samsung’s Level headphones will be exclusive to The Gilt Groupe beginning on Thursday, with Amazon and Best Buy offering the Level on July 20 and 27 respectively.

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