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The stage name Sammie Israel has a certain meaning for Sammie Grant Carter Jr., born December 17, 1972 in Michigan City, Indiana. “Sammie” is in honor of his father who passed when Sammie was 15. “Isreal” is consciousness in knowing yourself spiritually, physically, and mentally; he chose the name “Israel” because it represents the creative Eloheem. Further, sharing the same last name with President Jimmy Carter, and knowing the history of slavery, inspired him to discover his true origin on the planet. For more than 20 years music has been a part of his life; Sammie writes, produces, and performs.

Sammie attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where he became a life-long member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and where he became a member of the New Directional Players Acting Troupe. This fueled his fire for acting and stage plays. Sammie has performed at thousands of shows and worked in numerous recording studios giving him exposure. He’s performed in jazz clubs in Cincinnati, OH, various venues in Chicago IL, and Los Angeles & Riverside counties. From Indiana to South Carolina, Sammie has gained a strong following in most parts of the country as well as online.

Sammie’s music represents the many experiences that recording and performances have led him. He cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to him to give the listeners what they enjoy hearing as well as staying true to his background and current surroundings. Sammie started Umbutu Enterprises to represent the many talents and passions that he has grown to enjoy throughout life. Umbutu is a Swahili term that means “I am nothing without the people around me.” This is how he feels about all of his endeavors. Sammie absolutely loves creating music, entertainment, and culinary arts for everyone to enjoy.

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