Sami Seal, The Jungle Tape

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Young Los Angeles lyricist, Sami Seal, or Sami Kill as she’s coming to be known, grew up fully aware of how close she came to never having taken her first breaths in this world. The second-unplanned child of two young parents, Sami’s life wasn’t discovered until four months into her estranged mother’s pregnancy. As a youth, Sami developed a slight lisp, an impediment that her father helped resolve by giving her weekly song assignments to which she was tasked with memorizing the lyrics, practicing the correct pronunciations, and then vocally reciting the song by the end of the week. Her favorite song selection, and the one that she attributes as her introduction into hip hop, was the renowned ’95 Biggie/Tupac live freestyle, albeit an unorthodox project for a child.

Sami soon immersed herself into hip hop. During adolescence, she began writing short verses to fill in the space between R&B songs. As a teenager she began writing poetry and remixes to popular hip hop songs. In college she began freestyling and upon noticing her skill, friends would assign her instrumentals to write to and recite for entertainment. After graduation, disenfranchised by societal pressures and just having escaped an abusive relationship, Sami once again found herself consumed by hip hop; this time as her release. Sami soon began collaborating with fellow rap artists, recording music and gaining momentum, increasing her skill with every song release.

Her debut EP, “The Jungle Tape,” a collection of the last year’s most popular rap instrumentals serving as the backdrop of a narrative tale, covers an untapped topic in hip hop music today: what exactly does it feel like to be the truest form of a minority, an ethnic woman, overcoming pressures within the entertainment industry, emotional remnants of a difficult upbringing, lovers lost and her own mental boxes within a wild society. Her ability to express her story intelligently, with a flow and prose unlike any other female emcee ever heard, has us very excited about what this developing artist has in store when “The Jungle Tape” releases in April 2015.

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