Sam Watson, Truth Overrated


Born in 1996 and raised in the state of Michigan (The Great Lakes State), Sam Watson is here to make the world an offer we cannot and will not refuse. Along with charm and musical brilliance, Sam brings to the stage a fierce combination of street swagger and sex appeal. Brace yourselves for a cool dude who has a truth to tell while sweeping you into a musical hypnosis. He has been working hard towards his brand for over 3 years. Every day he reports to work at the Neutral Zone, a teenage community of all types of artists where teens lead, create, and innovate to master his craft and create soulful Hip Hop/R&B music.

This year begins the anticipated transition of a young boy to a young man. Sam is living his dreams through his music making it his fulltime career. With high school graduation on the way, it is obvious that this young man is going to explore his musical talents on levels far beyond where they lay for now. He recently traveled to Chicago, IL for the hit television show The Voice auditions. He is scheduled for upcoming performances and appearances this summer. His album “Truth Overrated” is on the way. And he has plans in store for his fans to give back the love and loyalty that you all have delivered to him.

Keep your eyes peeled. The young man in transition is playing no games, he is climbing his way to the top of this music ladder swiftly without procrastination. His energy is high, his goals even higher. With that being said, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we introduce the star on the rise, the man Sam Watson.

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