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Sean Andrew Chapin, also known as Sacred the Soultionist, has gone from a troubled life leaving him with a drug addiction and no place to live at an early age, to putting his talents to use in a way that educates and helps others. Growing up on the streets of South Hayward, Sacred found challenges with ways to express his art. In working with youth now, he knows that poor youth lack the direction needed to make positive influences in society and seeks to present these underprivileged youth the opportunity to make that change. In 1993, at the age of 25, Sacred attended an event called “Wall Brawl” in Eugene, Oregon where he was thrown amidst several legendary artists. He gained the inspiration to positively influence the community with his talent and his art, joined a hip hop crew, and embarked upon a journey of community work with Legal Wall Fellowships.

For the next four years, Sacred was a forerunner advocating community activism within the realm of Hip Hop. Enthused by the work he had done, he returned to his roots in the Bay Area to influence the ‘hood in which he grew up. He hosted art workshops at Weekes Library in Hayward focused on showing youth positive ways to express their art instead of using their talents to vandalize the community. Sacred linked up with a local church, inspiring him  to create Off the Wall Outreach, a program in which he mentors local teens. This program provides graffiti artists with opportunities to express their art without negative backlash from the community.

Over the last sixteen years, he has run five walls giving artists satisfaction in expressing their art while gaining appreciation from the community. Sacred’s faith and deep love for his talent and the Hip Hop realm keep him pushing to find new ways to contribute to community-driven projects, especially those involving youth. Sacred merges the two things most important to him in order to create powerful changes. His Mission Statement is: “To become a prototype for other communities on how to offer taggers an outlet for positive influence from negative influence.”

The Soultionist has recently moved his efforts to Las Vegas where he hopes to continue his positive influence on the community and other urban artists.

Check him and his organization out at and on SoundCloud at

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