Sabrina Mahony, Anime Phantasy


Sabrina Mahony grew up in Littleton, Colorado and has been lucky enough to meet some great people who are all about the music and making it outstanding. She started out as a classical and Broadway vocalist which she still studies, but her true passion lies in songwriting. Sabrina has a unique ear that lets her exercise her versatility in songwriting across several genres including Pop/Rock, K-pop, R&B/Soul, Blues, Jazz, Country, Electro-pop, and Dubstep.

Sabrina is now in The ‘Verse as a vocalist and songwriter. She is in the middle of a new EDM project with The ‘Verse and is excited to be working with Dean Lancaster and Jon Baldwin. They will be dropping their first album on 05/15/15. Sabrina just dropped her first single called “Anime Phantasy” in anticipation of this story so check it out.

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