All Eyes on Sab Guccionno

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Sab Guccionno from Arizona has been rapping since a young age but just recently decided to take it serious a few years back after going through different things in the streets. After losing both grandparents, friends getting killed, and an stint in jail he realized he needed to do something different than the street life he led. Music was there to be that escape and outlet. Investing all his money into his own studio equipment, Sab bought a Mac, a microphone, software, and a camera so he can also do everything including shoot his own visuals. Independently starting a movement and building up buzz, Sab and a friend started a group called “KushGang” and for the past year they have put everything into that, using it as a platform to push his music. Receiving great feedback from fans, he is releasing his first mixtape this year called “TONY”, which is to be hosted by DJ Shon and others. Motivated by the success hes been receiving so far, Sab is determined to continue on and see just how far the rabbit hole will take him.

Follow Sab on Twitter @moneybagsab and on SoundCloud at

Sab Guccionno – Rap Vlog #4

Sab Guccionno – Freestyle 2014

Sab Guccionno – Roll Lat

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