RVEES, Destiny


Coming from an entire world away in India, RVEES has lived in various parts of the world where he had the pleasure of being exposed to a wide variety of music; however, the genre that he found an affinity for the most was hip hop. It was the introduction to the genre in Canada that impacted the seed that eventually became the motivation to start making his own music. He now produces music that targets a mood without sacrificing lyricism and retains the meaning it seeks to depict. RVEES also enjoys singing and the mix of music he’s listened to while growing up contributes to his sound as an artist.

Involved in music as a producer and performer since 2011, he recently rebranded himself as RVEES along with the artist collective he works with named NVMe (North Vagabond). Since the rebranding, Mess was his first release under the new moniker. With a full career ahead him and many more highlights to be had, RVEES highlights a performance at a local music festival where the headliner was Jay Sean of Young Money.

With several live performances in 2015, the New Year is going to focus on releasing music and working towards the completion of his new project titled Destiny that’s slated for a second half of 2016 release. Once released, RVEES’ goal will be return to live performing and the video production for a few tracks from Destiny.

Soundcloud: rveesnvme

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