R.U.C.K.I.S.S., The Doppler Effect


Born in Detroit’s Eastside, Justin Edward, R.U.C.K.I.S.S. (Raw Un Cut Kilahfat Is Sick Sound), has always been fascinated with all kinds of music; from Blues to Rock, Jazz to Metal, and Techno to Country. He became interested in Hip Hop after moving to Wayne County’s “Inkster” area named by his friend Kenny (Kinesis Moon of the The Moonies). After the release of his first CD, “Natural Born Killer” (2002), he relocated downriver in 2003 where he built a buzz in the local horrorcore/trap Rap scene by performing in open mics at the C Note Lounge.

Continuing with showcases with his uncle DJ Flex across Detroit clubs, R.U.C.K.I.S.S. joined the label Bloody Mitten Entertainment in 2005. Three mixtapes were released under the label: “The Element of Sound” (2007), “The #1 Cutta” (2009), and “This is R.U.C. Raw Un-cut” (2010). He left the label after internal conflicts with label mates.

R.U.C.K.I.S.S. has opened for Young Buck, Esham, and King Gordy. Additionally he’s headlined shows at Simons After Dark, The Bull Frog, and Hayloft. His EP and single titled “The Doppler Effect” is available on Reverbnation. Currently R.U.C.K.I.S.S. is working on a new mixtape, “This is R.U.C.K. vol. 2″ set for a summer release. “Audio Verite” (2015) and “Blaqk Nioxe” (2015) are available0 on Spotify.

Official website: themooniesmedia.tripod.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/r-u-c-k-i-s-s
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ruckiss
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/ruckiss
Twitter: @Ruckiss 313


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