Rouge’s Artistry Goes Way Deeper Than Music

Rouge’s starting to make herself known in the professional recording and music industry. Through her dedication to music, the diligent artist is leaving a stamp with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur, don’t be surprised to see Rouge in the biggest publications. Only highlight reel type of work can be expected moving forward from this emerging artist.

“I value myself as a unique, breezy, natural artist. I would like to think. My artistry goes way deeper than just the music, but it’s definitely the lane that I’m focused on currently. Washington Heights was where I was born and raised to adore music. So at this stage of life I believe it’s loving me back,” Rouge explains. As a dancer and choreographer she’s accomplished more than as a lyricist, but is hopeful to experience and fulfill amazing things using the music platform.

Her remix of his first single “Trap Door” was listed in the top ten playlist by designer Rick Owens. Rouge is debating whether to create another RRBAS sequel. She’s currently in preparation of dropping an album later this year. “I want to tour overseas as an independent artist, do commercials, and have my music played in films and television. I will seek continued recognition and door openings from Lanes, a web series I was casted for,” she adds in. She’s expected to drop an album later this year under Bmesh Music Group with Derek Breland.


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