Ron Deazy, Rogue Squad Entertainment


“My approach is nothing like Bay Area artists in that my music and sound is my own.”

Ron Fuller, Ron Deazy, is an artist, dancer, producer, actor, and CEO of Rogue Squad Entertainment. Ron Deazy began writing rap lyrics at the age of 12 pulling from his upbringing in the South Bay Area. From humble beginnings, he began writing rap songs with a childhood friend in the summer of 1997. He is influenced by many people in the entertainment industry, most notably Thomas Johnson (Tommy the Clown) from the American documentary movie “Rize” for the simple fact that he is a businessman and an entertainer with a vision.

It wasn’t until 2009 when Ron Deazy decided to take his music career seriously by incorporating his own record label, Rogue Squad Entertainment. There are two meanings to the name Rogue Squad. The first word of the name, Rogue, stands for an individual who is different from others and goes off and does their own thing. Squad comes from all the talent he has from rapping, ghostwriting, graphic designing, producing, and video editing. The second meaning of Rogue Squad comes from all of the entertainers that are part of the movement. His vision is to have everything from rappers, singers, dancers, comedians, poets, directors, and actors. What he looks for when recruiting is the drive, determination, and what they can bring to the table.

Just like most hip-hop artists, Deazy writes his lyrics. It wasn’t until late 2013 that he decided to practice writing lyrics in his head and eliminate the traditional pen and paper. Another technique he has is writing the song while making the beat at the same time, that way the song as a whole has a better structure. He has produced more than 10 of his own tracks and a few for other local artists. Ron Deazy is known to be a hyperactive and high energy individual so it makes sense that the songs he makes will make you want to bob your head and get up out of your seat and dance. At a Ron Deazy performance one can certainly experience a ton of enthusiasm, crowd participation, and a good time! Ron Deazy is surely one of the next artists on the rise.

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