RickRated, Staying True

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Born as Savon York, his name was passed on to him from his father, the original RickRated, who died when he was 8. As a child most of his influence from rap came from the stories he’d hear about his father and his favorite rapper Eminem. As he grew, several different artists inspired him; however, none more than Drake. RickRated especially appreciates his unique sound and style as well as his message and well-rounded lyrics.

Some of his first experiences performing were with church choirs and school band concerts when he was just a young child. In high school, RickRated started performing with the drumline and as he grew older he escalated to performing his own music at shows booked for him by his Afton booking agent.

With Rated’s music, he believes that staying true to yourself and to your music is very important. There is nothing wrong with adding in a little fiction from time to time. As an entertainer, he feels it is important to make music people want to listen to. RickRated makes music hoping that one day he can be remembered forever as one of the greats by making music that resides in people’s hearts and souls for eternity

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/RickRated
Soundcloud link: www.soundcloud.com/RickRated

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