Richie Rickey, Young God


Rickey Walton (Richie Rickey) born and raised on west side of Detroit Michigan started rapping at the age of 14. Rickey is influenced by many artists such as Tupac, Jay z, Nas, Migos, and Soulja Boy. What really influenced Rickey to rap was living in poverty. Raised in a single parent home with his mom and two brothers struggling to make ends meet affected Rickey mentally but instead of talking to someone about his hardships he decided to write about it.

Writing wasn’t hard for Rickey, at the age of 5 he was writing and reading at a third grade level and he always enjoyed writing. With over 300 songs recorded and 1 mixtape out in the streets (Young God) Rickey continues to make hit music determined to catch the ears of mainstream audiences.

Instagram: Richie Rickey
Twitter: _RichieRickey
Facebook: Richie Rickey

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