Rhythm the M3, Neighborhood Hero


“I didn’t want to just be this rapper dude who made something of himself,” he said. “I wanted to be a hero for my neighborhood, a good example to the youth [who] understood the same difficulties that we had in a lower economic, inner city situation.”

Music blared from Rudy Gutierrez’s dorm room on a regular basis during his freshman year at the University of Texas in Austin. Gutierrez, who began dabbling in music at the age of 7, quickly earned a reputation as the dorm disc jockey.

Gutierrez, who now goes by the stage name Rhythm the M3, is pairing his music venture with his education. The 24-year-old already holds two associates degrees in commercial recording and liberal arts from Cedar Valley College and now he is working on a degree in business administration at Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX.

“He can artistically craft words in a way that is quite visionary for me,” said Courtney Carter Harbour, executive dean of the Office of Student Engagement and Retention. “We herald a lot of rap artists — Kanye West, Nas, Jay Z, Common — who have songs that are socially conscious messages. I think Rudy fits within that same genre of artists.”

Supporters are eagerly awaiting the release of his first studio album in 2015, self titled and released through CD Baby/Beast Mode Records. The movement has grown from an idea to an independent artist on the cusp of major moves.

Learn more about Rhythm the M3 on his website at www.rhythmthem3.com.

Rhythm the M3 – Purple Haze

Rhythm the M3 – Rise Again (Cali Weed)

Rhythm the M3 – really Doing This

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