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There are few people who purposely seek education of life with the sole intent to share with the world what they’ve learned. One of these person’s is Rey Fonder. His truth, soul, and experience is shared in the one language everyone understands … music. After graduating from CSU, he returned to his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia where he continued his education at SAE Institute studying music engineering. With recording music under his control, Rey began an unstoppable onslaught of releasing music bringing attention to his style of songwriting. It was due to this attention that he went from artist to engineer to songwriter.

As a songwriter, Rey has changed the sound of so many artists who seek honesty and lyrics with substance. He has written for many and best uses that knowledge to give back. He has position himself as a consultant for many young artists through his connection of song. He teaches them life morals and values to excel in an industry that seems to lack those elements sometimes.

Rey’s ability to wear many hats has prepared him to start his own label Uberwood Media and it was the creation of the label that allowed him to step into his artistry and release his first independent single Baby Blues. On August 7, 2014 the world was introduced to this song on Through the help of Robert Ross and MCR, Sony UK, and Ingrooves that the song peeked at #6 for views its first week. It has since then been the most shared video and #5 most commented video. He recently released a hip hop project, Trust, and an EP, Selfish Loyalty, that are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

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