Raymo, Raymoville


“I love making music and I hope one day my music can be heard by millions. I don’t plan on stopping until my heart does.”

Roseville, Michigan’s most original rapper Raymo is on the brink of evolving the Hip Hop genre into what it should be. With 10 years of writing, producing, and engineering, his own music he is finally getting recognized for his creativity. It all started with a keyboard around age 12. He took it everywhere making beats every day. He had found his niche. After all, it’s in his blood to be a musician. His father was a guitarist in a rock band for 10 years. Raymo always appreciated different genres of music, but one day he heard famous rapper Eminem’s music and was inspired. He began writing lyrics, making beats for them, and recording them on his Walkman. Now he has his own home studio and recoding booth; a 5×8 storage room in his apartment.

Still writing and producing his own music, Raymo has managed to put out one incredibly intelligent album called “Spaced Out.” He incorporates science and space throughout the entire album. Also has dropped many singles from his upcoming album “Raymoville.” He has been performing some of the songs at many local clubs and bars all over metro Detroit. He has opened up for Bubba Sparxx, ABK, Stevie Stone,DJ Clay, Crooked I, and several local artists such as KPZ of 4UM and AJ Southpaw. Raymo is well known in his community through doing many collaborations with local artists. Also he records and produces for other artists.

Currently, Raymo is dedicated to working on his new album “Raymoville.” This album diverts away from science and is completely about him, his life, and his hometown. It utilizes new and old beat styles, unique lyrics and witty punch lines. He doesn’t plan on quitting and is going to keep coming up with crafty lyrics and dope beats. It has been leaked to us that he will be releasing his new single “New Kid on the Block” in early May of 2015.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/itsraymo
Bandcamp: raymo.bandcamp.com
Twitter & Instagram: @Raymo1991

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