RaybanRi2k, A New Way Of Artistry


RaybanRi2k was born Anthony Mikiheal Ortiz on October 15, 1990. 1 of 7 children to Martha Lewis and Luis Ortiz Sr. he spent his 1st 5 years of life learning to fend for himself in the inner city of Opa Locka. He had to help his older siblings (age 10, 8, and 6) raise his younger siblings (age 4, 3, 2). Anthony and his family were moved into foster care due to his parent’s failure to raise the children waiving their parental rights. He grew up in a foster home with his aunt and uncle (Michael and Jacqueline Parker) and in 1997 was adopted by them.

In the summer of 1998 Anthony’s oldest brother, David Lewis, started teaching him how to drop bars and since created Freestyle Thursday giving each of the 6 brothers 6 days to come up with the best rhyme to perform. In 2009 Anthony graduated from Miami Southridge Senior High and shortly after joined the U.S. Army infantry. Anthony served in Operation New Dawn (2011) and Operation Spartan Shield (2012). While in the Army Anthony went through the identity process trying to develop a name to go with his craft. In the fall of 2013 OLO Da Gr8 was born and released his 1st song “Bills in My Baby Name” with help from rapper ATTO of the Greenlight Boys.

After the release of the song OLO took a break from Rap to develop an image. On Christmas morning 2014 OLO Da Gr8 passed away and RayBanri2k was born. RayBanri2k is the new way of artistry saying you don’t have to throw down punch lines or put up metaphors, you just have to be real. RayBanri2k plans to release his new mixtape RayBanri2k and the Rayban Reoons (RealGoons) on July 4th.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/raybanrikk


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