Raw Proof, Unearthed Gems


After a long stay on the independent label Hoztyl Records, Raw Proof has decided to leave and travel even deeper down south to L.A. (lower Alabama). Understanding the true south has been a feat he has longed to conquer.

Suffocated with Old Dixie history but showered down with good ol’ soulful wisdom from elders, he grows. He realizes what he has in common with these country muthuhphuckas: an appreciation for nature, the need to live a simple life, and the importance of family.

The highly anticipated solo album Unearthed Gems is set to be released in the winter of 2016. The cover art depicts a balance between darkness and light. From what has been leaked, that seems to be the theme for this 14 song collection. Expect conscious vibes over strong drum beats with production from Germany (Tim Wilkes) and India (The 6th Element).

Official website: www.rawproof.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @rawproof
Instagram: @rawproof
Soundcloud: @rawproof


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