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Many people ask ‘who is Raw Blue’ until they hear his music and tend to be hooked to that, as well as his consistent entertainment online. Nigel ‘Raw Blue’ Semple is more than a rapper, he’s an artist and entertainer born in Brooklyn, NY. He raps, dances, and even tapped into the acting field once or twice. His mother says he was always destined for great things as a younger child and she knew it, especially after seeing his uploaded video on YouTube at a young age. Not until age 14 did Blue find his way to get a perfect start and big opportunity when he landed a big part in P.Stars’ “Wanna Make You Dance” music video which was aired on MTV, BET, Music Choice, & more after being seen on YouTube.

Even though Raw Blue was on a great start he ran into some trouble in 2008 when he was cut in his neck shortly after his video appearance and nearly died. Only 15, Blue was on rest for a little but 200 stitches and 2 months later Blue was up at it again and went against the doctor’s order to not perform for a while. He took an opportunity to do so at the classic Highline Ballroom in New York as an opening act for R&B superstar Ray J.

From there, Raw Blue took off on his own taking the internet by storm and taking full advantage. He later caught the attention of Grammy award winning producer Troy Tylor on MySpace who discovered Trey Songz & more. Troy went on to mentor Blue through out the years and taught him the ups & downs, do’s & dont’s of the industry.

Years later, Raw Blue is now 21, is a highly developed artist, is recording his own videos to his music, has made an appearance at BET’s 106 & park, he’s performing all over New York & more, he’s having over 500,000 views on YouTube and over 43,000 fans on Twitter. What are the odds of a kid raised in a small town in upstate NY building such a big following and paving the way for much more artist in the area? “It’s true what they say. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!,” says Blue.

Raw Blue is most known for his song “Mr. Blue” which was made at age 16. It slowly, but surely, took over a market that was wide open with its country & hip-hop sound. A lot of people weren’t sure whether his position was secured or not, but “Mr. Blue” introduced Raw Blue as a serious artist landing him on radio and catching the ear and eyes of thousands!

It’s no secret this kid will take the industry by storm soon along with his team (m-three). “Everything is timing. No other artist can phase me because I know where I’m gonna be. You can’t deny this work ethic,” said from the artist himself.

In the summer of 2014 Blue released his new single “She Know She Bad,” featuring Manny Acosta, that is blowing up the online circuit slowly! There’s no telling what direction Raw Blue will come from sometimes, but you can always expect him to deliver some kind of entertainment through his music.

Learn more about Raw Blue on his website at rawwblue.wix.com/rawblue.

Raw Blue – HomeTown

Raw Blue – Mr. Blue ft. Catherine Feeny

Raw Blue – She Know She Bad ft. Manny Acosta

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