R.A.P., Breaking The Genre Barrier


Willie Gray Harris Jr., R.A.P., was born in Atlanta, Georgia where we grew up in a very traditional family giving him much inspiration to do music. Although he’s had other career pursuits, he knew he had a talent for rap. “After I dropped out of college and served in the military for four years, what was once a hobby [rap] quickly became one of my greatest passions,” he explains. R.A.P has always had a talent for music, even from a young teen.

R.A.P. has lived in four different states but now calls Savannah, Georgia home. He looks to God for guidance on his music. He reads God’s word and feeds off of his own everyday experiences. He strives to use his struggle and life to uplift others. He plans on gaining success through hard work and persistence. “Rap gives me the opportunity to express myself. There is a story to be told and if you haven’t walked in their [listeners] shoes, you can’t rap about their situations,” he states.

R.A.P.’s overall career goals are to cross over genre barriers and be multi-dimensional. He desires to reflect the average person on a larger scale. On a more personal level, he enjoys watching movies and playing video games. The most misconceived notion about him is that he is a mean person. “Mainly because I am not a smiley guy,” he says. R.A.P. considers himself to be a highly motivated average guy.

Official website: www.Raprhythmpraise.com
Instagram: @live dream23
Twitter: @WillWill63
Facebook: @rhythm and praise


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