Raj Hills To Set The World On Fire

Rude Boy Magazine

Raj Hills is a name you’re sure to have heard in the same breath as 2Pac’s Outlawz, DJ Quik, Suga Free, E-40, Ice-T and others. He has worked with all these legends and is travelling down that path himself. After performing in numerous sold out shows, and being one of the lead candidates to play Tupac in the upcoming movie, his profile had risen. Born in South Central LA, Raj is no stranger to what hard work and dedication can bring, having won multiple state basketball championships in his life, being the single father of two, while also having a past in the street life. However Raj always had passion for music and decided to pursue it, crafting music that would eventually get him noticed by artists DJ Quik and BlackTone. Under their mentorship, Raj has been working tirelessly on his work, making a name for himself, and performing with DJ Quik on numerous sold out shows along with countless other legends. Raj has just released some new work, a two part mixtape titled “World on Fire”, and is in the process of expanding his brand to reach more people. A few major labels have recently been interested in his services. It is obvious this artist is going far, and with a trajectory like this, he may actually set the world on fire with his sound.

Check out Raj Hills on his website at www.rajhills.com, and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/raj-hills.

Raj Hills and DJ Quik – Late Night (Tribute to Tupac)

Raj Hills – Cali Thing ft.Princess

Raj Hills – Destiny ft. EDI (from 2Pac’s Outlawz)

Raj Hills – Work featuring Suga Free

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