Rahn G., Ball Hog Music Productions


Rahn G. is a hip-hop artist, multi-genre producer, and commercial music songwriting graduate from Inglewood, CA. Catching the interest of music at 16 years old, the musician is in route to take his talents to the big leagues. Before his journey as a solo artist, Rahn G. entered the music world with his friends while attending Inglewood High School. The group consisted of two rappers and a producer.

Over the years their productivity level decreased, along with other conflicting issues, which stopped the group from making music on a consistent basis. Uncertain about the other member’s desire to to pursue a career in music, Rahn G. decided to focus on a life as a solo artist without a unruly separation.

After realizing that it takes more than the ability to rap to survive in this industry, he added the ability to produce music in 2012. In the same year he completed a segment of college receiving songwriting credentials. After months of making beats and developing his craft he formed Ball Hog Music Productions.

In 2013, Rahn G. made a tremendous effort towards getting his name out there in the streets. In February 2013 he dropped “DOUBLE DOUBLE,” his first self produced and performed project. On top of that, he also pulled in two indie music awards. Nominated in three categories in the 2013 818 Music Awards, he walked away winning Best Underground Artist. Again nominated in three categories in the 2013 Urban Kings Awards, walked away winning Best Single for “NO CUPS” from his “DOUBLE DOUBLE” project.

Eager to be different, combined with raw talent, creativity, and determination success will be in the near future. Although with the little support, Rahn G. is set out to gain more fans and take on the mainstream world of music.

Learn more about Rahn G. on his Official Artist Website.

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