QuoKane, New School Boom Bap

The Norm Photo Cover

QuoKane is a New England based emcee who underwent surgery allowing him time to take his career to a whole new level. In January of 2015 Q reconnected with Audiomercy and formulated “New School BoomBap” and taking a different path in today’s very competitive music scene.

In March, Q released the record “Industry Pressed followed up by the “The Norm which topped the BMS Chicago radio charts at number 1. Both singles including his latest release “No Frontin” hit four major USA radio markets and two countries in Europe (UK and Amsterdam).

The official video for “The Norm” will be debuting in 2016 as well as a continued media campaign promoting his upcoming album The Actual.

Official website: www.audiomercy.com | www.QuoteMyLines.com
Twitter: @Quotemylines


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