QueenD.VA, Keeping My Head In The Game


Jiamia “Sequi” Morris, Queen D.VA, born February 3, 1984, grew up in the culture and arts of Pittsburgh allowing her to expand her limits to different genres of music such as Rock, Pop, Alternative, and Caribbean. Living in a house of rapping teenagers in the late 80s also contributed to her development. Though she didn’t understand the significance of her environment at first, she leaned its true value that changed her world. According to D.VA, “Music is a reflection of life to me … Creating poetry helped me through many curve balls … [the release] provided extra support for freestyles battles. My openness to surroundings as well as everyday living was fuel.”

D.VA has written a few albums beginning with 2003’s Flame Thrower after moving to Columbus, OH and discovering the Hip Hop underground movement. Inspiration for The Talent album came from freestyling battles and performing at Old Fields, Bernies, and Skully’s Nightclub. She’s worked with DJ Drastic, DJ B Hatch, and Gooch (Definitive Music). She’s also recorded jams with Biea, 3D Jay, and Surreal. D.VA performed weekly on internet radio Ezee Radio Live with the Record Breakers.

Although D.VA discovered Hip Hop in Columbus, home sweet home added a touch to the journey back to the steel city. Dedicated to her passion, through pregnancy, she performed at Taboo, High Level, Shadow Lounge, Rex Theatre, and is working with local artist Lashell Marie and Byrd. D.VA’s career changed after signing with manager Allen Johnson of Board Member Inc. (BMI). Motivated by her grandmother and 2 children is what keeps her head in the game, but doing what she loves is a blessing.

Official website: www.bmmgexecs.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/board-members-inc


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