QGODFEAR, God Fear Movement


Hard truth rap artist QGODFEAR is from San Francisco, CA. His in your face eclectic style of music will truly take your mind on a ride. It’s not a trendy ride into “corporate owned” rap, but an in depth ride into spirituality and the global need thereof.

Either you will love his lyrics or wrestle with hating the truths that he lyrically delivers over hard, speaker-thumpin beats. There is no other artist like QGODFEAR, hands down, as he has truly created his own controversial lane. His bold conviction and drive for truth is felt as the anointing reverberates into the soul of each listener.

Please visit his website www.QGODFEAR.com for more in depth, information, free mixtape downloads, and weekly thought provoking blog updates. Please feel free to join the GODFEARMOVEMENT.com mailing list to stay locked into QGODFEAR and his ever growing global movement. Be-up don’t sleep!

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