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Photo: Young Jeezy

Photo: Young Jeezy

“I think they just don’t understand our culture. If you listen to the music, it’s uplifting material, even though it sounds crazy.” – Trap Music

There really isn’t a need or introduction to hail this Atlanta’s own artist. The life and career of hip hop artist Young Jeezy is nothing less than great and if anything, interesting. He’s had such a rough brush with his career, that this intends to tell the story for itself. Young Jeezy is not a new name, but a well known household item; built by none other than himself. His history in the music business is as relevant as Bill Gates in technology. He is the original father of Trap Music, and this is what he has to say. ATL, stand up, for Young Jeezy.

RB: How do you stay consistent through your entire career? What does that really take?
First of all you have to remain true, and be honest to yourself. You have to work hard. I’m in the studio all the time, whether recording new material, or promoting something. I don’t waste any time in the studio. I give it my all and my heart. That’s the difference between me and the next person. When I hear a beat, I already know I need to kill it. Your heart has to be in the music, that’s the only way to consistently do this.

What is your personal drive to put out your records?
I just feel like I need to do it for my fans and my people. I was given the opportunity to be able to talk to them so I just keep that as my motivation. I was blessed to have people want to hear my material, so I give them my all. Whether it’s party music, or real life material, it’s in my heart. The people and my fans keep me going at it.

What was life like before the explosion of your rap career?
Man, it was bad. Most of the nights I couldn’t sleep was waking up all the time to nightmares. I wanted this rap music to take me away from all the negativity that was surrounding my life. It wasn’t until way later that I knew that my rap music was going to take me somewhere. This is a dream. Life was not what I wanted before this, put it that way.

How is the current state of the music scene in ATL?
Wow, it’s great. There are so many different types of talents, and so many different types of people that are doing it, it’s amazing. The new cats are making music is such efficient ways with their beats and they don’t even use any equipment. They have a lot of passion in their music, and that’s what it’s all about. Everyone here does music, every single person has something to do with music, one way or another. I love seeing these younger cats shine. Everyone thought we were just country people, but you’ve got to come to Atlanta to experience it yourself. A hit record starts in Atlanta.

What is the biggest advice you can give to a new hip hop artist today?
You’ve got to set goals. That’s as important as life in itself. You have to stay determined with your mind on that goal, and you cannot lose. The moment you lose focus on your GOAL, then you have gone the wrong way. Never ever lose that focus. Period.

Do you think you’ve improved as a rapper lately?
Yes, you know I have my own style and I’m on my own lane without anybody there. I switch things around but I’m still Young Jeezy. I have a deep pride in my music and I plan on keeping it that way. So yes, it’s all about improvement, day in and day out.

What is your opinion on current “Trap Music?”
I think I have a new face for trap music. I’m a real hustler, a real leader, that’s who I am. I lead the trap scene. It’s my obligation especially with my new album to make room for more of it. All these new cats coming into the game right now, the are not going to be able to keep putting out the same materials with the same substance and expect to survive in the game. It’s about doing something new with it. My material is too authentic and real, other cats cannot get into my lane.

Why do people look down on trap music?
I think they just don’t understand our culture. If you listen to the music, it’s uplifting material, even though it sounds crazy. Especially for people in the hood, because that’s the dream they case. They want to hit the club with their fleet, chain and their car and be that one guy that’s flashy. I’ve been there, so I completely understand the lifestyle and culture. I opened the door for trap music, that’s how I got out of my situation, and people just identify with it.

What was the deal with you and the Def Jam beef?
Everything is cool right now. I was just telling them that they aren’t the only ones in the realm, and I’ve got options. I’m a boss myself. I can move around into corporate buildings. I’ve been in this game. I’ve been at Atlantic head of A&R. I A&R my own materials with Def Jam.


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