Psycoholics, Psychedelic Fullon Trance


Psycoholics is a Psychedelic Fullon Trance project based in Israel. It is a collab between two members who are producing psychedelic music. The Psycoholics project came out to the world bringing out an energetic, fully psychedelic, and powerful psytrance experience with its unique Israeli flavor.

Haim Mandel is known also for his chill out project “Soundremo.” He is the analog monster in this project loving analog instruments and doing wonders with them. Haim is a long time drummer and has a unique twist with his drums and percussions.

Rude Rabbit (Shlomo Man) is a graduate of Yoav Gera School of sound. He’s been a music producer for 15 years and in his back catalog you can find plenty electronic and live music productions.

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