P.S.Y.C., Mental Focus


Born and raised in Cali. I am 22, I’ve been making music for 7 years and been rapping for 9. I’ve been a writer since a youth, always a fan of poetry, and the art of rhymes & rhythm. I am a father. My son Rydar Orion Smith is my inspiration as well as prodigy; at 3 he says he wants to rap. I never even liked rap to tell you the truth, but I didn’t know real rap.

I found the underground rap scene at 13 and knew I had a fate. Once I began to develop my style I found me, P.S.Y.C. I began to expand my ways of thinking and writing allowing myself a will to stay more intelligent than the masses. The 2 things I take pride in are my mental focus and drive to keep moving forward.

So much under way I got countless projects I’m featured on nationwide. I’ve performed at The Key Club, The Air Liner, The Dragonfly, and many others. I’ve opened for Too Short, B-real from Cypress Hill, Psycho Les from the Beat Nuts, The 9th Wonder, Ugly Duckling, and many more.

My mixtape “Lyrically Contagious Vol.1 & Vol.2” is a free digital download and working on many projects as of now. I’m a young artist with mad flavor to bring and got room for improvement as do all musicians. At least I know who I am, were I’m headed, and who I run with. I’ve got all my real fam by my side.

I’m about to drop the official website www.psycg.com. So much more to come. 2014 is the year for me and mines. No doubt.

Learn more about P.S.Y.C on his official Bandcamp page.

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