Provy Tha Boss Has Been Consistent Since 2011

This east coast based artist is starting to make listeners ears perk up with a style that’s true to himself. Provy Tha Boss’ talent is quickly developing, and moving forward he’s looking to go from local to global. With each new release, Provy Tha Boss will get closer to reaching his dreams and mass recognition is only suitable after the hard work he’s put in.

Since 2011 this diligent artist has been hard at work at making his brand known. To date he’s performed at 5.000-plus shows (paid and unpaid); has put out mixtapes, albums, and singles; and has been featured on 100-plus projects.

Provy Tha Boss releases singles on a monthly basis via all major online music merchants. “My next EP will be a joint project with artist Stoney Thraxx, the second in our Finger Sign series. It’s titled Finger Sign 2 Fucktivity and is due out summer 2017. My goals are to just remain consistent and grow as an artist, extend my fan reach, and build my brand,” he adds in.


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