Prime Society, Unique Characteristics


Prime Society is one of the more predominant hip-hop groups to emerge from the west coast over the past year. The unique characteristics of every member of the group are what stand out and sets this group aside from the rest. The members range from a very talented singer, to producers, rappers, and musicians who excel in multiple instruments such as guitar, drums, and piano. They have performed with huge names in the industry and been booked for shows with artists such as Riff-Raff, Machine Gun Kelly, Chris Webby, Pouya, Young Simmie, King Lil G, and KR. They have performed in multiple different venues across the west coast in multiple states and continue to grow an astonishing fan base.

Not only does the group perform for hip-hop fans, but can also bring a crowd for jazz, blues, and acoustic music and singing. The group’s latest project, “Prime LP Volume 1,” was executively produced by J. Reid and co-produced by Gonzoveli and KC with verses by all three and of course rhymes from the very talented Infin8 and Artiiiculate. The project even includes three bonus tracks which are beautifully written ballads by the singer of the group, Alex. With over 50,000 listens on Soundcloud, the group is sure to be one of the only groups to come out of Arizona and make it big.

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