Prhyme, Run Away Slave


“Commercial rappers are wasting time.”

As a recruit of Henchmenatti, Prhyme, Iron Sheik Moorish Emcee, is on a solo mission with his newly released album “R.A.S. Run Away Slave” that address the imagery and lyrical garbage causing conflict among urban communities. He has evolved lyrically and is continually growing mentally to speak the truth and not lead the children astray with negative influences heard in music. Prhyme states, “Instead of using their influence as role models to set our youth on the right path, they use material items, sex, and violence as their selling tool which unfortunately go hand in hand.”

Prhyme has rhymed for over a decade opening for honorable mentions like Onyx and Maestro Fresh Wes early in his music career as part of Up To No Good that came out of Flemingdon Park in the late 80’s working with some of Toronto’s well known underground producers and deejays. Since his inception into hip hop, he has worked with Mr. Knia of CMP Studios and has appeared on on a variety of mixtapes/compilations including Mastermind’s “The Set Up Vol. 49,” “Natural Disasters,” and Hencmenatti’s “Open Mind Open Mic Vol. 1.”

Prhyme has also released three e-albums in the past 3 years under the alias Iron Sheik Moorish Emcee: Iron Sheik, Iron Sheik 2 Alpha Hex, Iron Sheik 3 Divine and National Music, Iron Sheik 4 Operation: Rapper Inquisition (double CD), Iron Sheik Mix Cd Memory Lane and Iron Sheik 5 Moorish Master Emcee, and an EP in collaboration with producer Cozmo El from Califa (California Republic).

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