The Power of Mr. Quiji

Rude Boy Magazine

Mr. Quiji, born Marques Parks, is originally from the now infamous west side of Atlanta, Georgia. The Simpson Road native began dominating local area talent shows and quickly worked his way up the ladder of the highly competitive, underground Atlanta rap scene. In gaining recognition and notoriety, Quiji was sought after by several up and coming groups thus allowing him to further expand his reach throughout the southeast, ranging from the Carolinas to Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee and so on. Through hard work and dedication, coupled with a steadily increasing popularity and rising demand for his brand of music, Quiji began headlining shows all around Atlanta. Having won a variety of awards, as well as every showcase he has either entered or been invited to, Mr. Quiji is a natural born live performer.

Check out Mr Quiji on his website at Listen to more of his music at

Mr Quiji – Power

Mr Quiji – Hurt People, Hurt People

Mr Quiji – Open Vent

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