Phantum Soulja, It Drops At Midnight On New Year’s Eve


Phantum Soulja. Who is he and where did he come from? Starting to write around the age of 9, his skills by the time he was 14 were on fire that couldn’t be put out. He further developed by freestyling in high school and in the summer of 2005 he began a rap group under the name of 540 Souljaz. From 2008 to 2010 the group grew and experienced life like no other. From getting told to get off the stage, to a manager who was a con man, to multiple shows throughout Virginia the group strived and survived.

Living in such a world had Phantum Soulja construed inside a lifestyle that slowly consumed his soul. Realizing this in October of 2013, as God touched his heart, he knew he needed Jesus as his lord and savior as he had been saved as a child but strayed in his teen years. Baptized on March 2, 2014, he started his journey with Jesus thus branding himself a crossover gospel rap artist leading to his first record contract with Tate Music Group.

Phantum Soulja signed his contract in 2014 in Oklahoma where he resided for 6 months. He now calls Buffalo Gap, Virginia home and is working on his latest mixtape titled F.F.L.L.L.U.U.U. SEASON which stands for “Forgiven From the Lord’s Love Lord Use Us Unconditionally.” The project is set to drop New Year’s Day at midnight. Getting this opportunity to be featured in RBL Magazine and being sponsored by Rude Boy Clothing brand is such a great blessing from God and for that Phantum Soulja is grateful and thankful.

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