Petition To Lower President Age Requirement Luanched By Captain Morgan


Captain Morgan has launched a petition for Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution to be changed allowing individuals under the age of 35 to run for President of the United States. More than half (52%) of 21-34 year olds say lowering the presidential age requirement would be beneficial for the country.

“It’s no secret that Millennials have gradually been disengaging from the political process,” says said Adrienne Cuschieri Grooms, 33 year-old Senior Brand Manager, Captain Morgan. “The fact that there are very few elected Under 35s on Capitol Hill is symbolic of this disengagement, and bringing more young adults into the democratic system can only make our nation better.”

“It’s not like we’re trying to create change for the sake of change. This is a very real and important issue. Millennials make up some of the most progressive, innovative, intelligent, and successful people in our country — why shouldn’t they be able to be President of the United States?”

If you agree, you can sign the petition at

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