Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih, AwfsetCollective


Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih reside in San Antonio, Texas which is not known as a music-based city, but they are looking to show what their city has to offer and to bring back the old school hip-hop vibe to America. As versatile artists, Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih perform hip-hop live with the band Cantaloupe St. Pierre and became a proud part of the AwfsetCollective. Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih’s major project is called “$kateboards, Kick$ & Microphone$” which is a collaboration mixtape consisting of a classic hip-hop vibe reminiscent of the 90s hip-hop era. Their goal is to instill a sense of appreciation towards the old school hip-hop flavor while at the same time organizing their business ideas and being an attribute to our peers and business relations.

Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih are also a part of a clothing line to push out AwfsetCollective brand. AwfsetCollective are a young and multicultural group of artists that are goal oriented and driven. Having this large and diverse group allows Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih to create and share a wider range of entertainment that is viewed and followed by a young, urban, and product driven demographic that ranges between the ages of 16-35. All will benefit by contributing to this project by allowing Perk & Kidd Isaiiaih, and AwfsetCollective, to represent and share yourselves with their demographic on a national basis,; perfect for those trying to expand a brand and bring awareness throughout the nation.

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