Perepressure, Ethics of Ignorance


Developing a passion for Rap music at the age of 5, Pere Womachka, Perepressure, grew up loving lyricism and didn’t understand how everyone didn’t love it. Though the passing of his father at the age of 11 was tough, his father had introduced him to The Roots and Jurassic 5 who are lyrical influences. His father was writer and a fanatic of poetry, it’s safe to say that poetry is in Perepressure’s genes. Though his father wasn’t a fan of new school Rap, more a Punk listener, he’d simply try to write songs his father would like.

At the age of 15 Perepressure picked up the pen to write and divulged his rap to a friend who proclaimed the jotting was garbage. Not discouraged by the negative remark, he took it as a challenge to better himself. After 3 years of developing his music he set out to perform at as many open mics and parties he could in Lake County California.

During the same time Perepressure was noticed by Taj Dedrick, Tajie D (K-Town), who was bringing Rap to Lake County. What ensued was the recording of his debut mixtape Ethics of Ignorance (2014). In March 2015 he featured on the track Cinco En La Manana with an underground Bolivian artist Spare One. Now on his grind for 5 years, Perepressure has recorded 20 tracks and has 2 unreleased mixtapes in the works.


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