Penny The Great, Freestyle Fridays


Penny The Great was born in the Bronx, New York City, and is currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 14 years. Hip-hop came natural for Penny as he started his journey through the culture at a young age b-boying and learning different styles of graffiti. Hip-hop became an outlet from the negativity and violence that surrounded his community. Through his journey he found writing music and becoming an MC was the purest form of expression and the outlet he was looking for.

When he moved to Phoenix, Arizona Penny decided to pursue music full time winning local MC battles and networking with the Phoenix urban community. In May 2009 Penny released his first LP, the critically acclaimed “A Penny For A Thought,” Both singles from the album, “A Better World” and “The Last Real One,” garnered radio spins on 99.3 the beat’s Rhyme & Reason and Power 98.3’s The Pulse. The entire body of work on “A Penny For A Thought” consisted of gritty topics and situations, intricate storytelling over melodic instrumental heavy beats.

In 2012, Penny released a mixtape that consisted of 11 freestyles that were released every week over an 11 week period. Every Friday for 11 weeks straight Penny dropped a new freestyle and eventually Friday’s officially became “Freestyle Fridays.” DJ DN3 mixed every freestyle and together it was released as the official Freestyle Friday mixtape. In October of 2014 Penny released his long awaited follow up album, “You Can All Die Now,” featuring the single “Hotboxin” which is currently being featured on major music blog sites like and Penny is also a founding member of the Arizona hip-hop powerhouse Writers Guild.

Learn more about Penny on his Official Artist Website.

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