Peezy Skrilla, Realistic Music


Peezy Skrilla is a Los Angeles based artist who focuses on lyrics that make people think or relate to what inner city civilians deal with on a daily basis. His lyrics describe scenes and situations that he’s dealt with or has seen others deal with. Writing since the age of 14, Peezy has decided to take his craft more seriously creating more realistic music and give the community a different type of sound.

Peezy’s noticed that Compton still has a lot of talent musically. There’s a studio up his street where DJ Worm2G is working with Flirt and Larry Jayy. As of late Peezy has been collaborating with E.Three. He’s also drawn mixtape covers for Earl Swavey who has a thriving movement.

Peezy had mixtapes ready to be released with features from E.three, Showoff, and Banks who all live in the same apartment complex; however, corrupted songs files on his laptop voided his plans for future releases. After having the laptop wiped of all viruses by Tone the hood technician it was time for a fresh start with a new sound. Peezy wants to change the game with something new other than mimicked styles everyone is stealing from successful rappers that are influencing the new generation of Hip Hop.

Official website:
Instagram: @P_Skrilla

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