PB Hassan, Keeping My Ear To The Streets

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By way of Los Angeles, California and now residing in Camden, New Jersey, PB Hassan found a love and passion for the music and hip hop at an early age. He continuously records, creates videos, produces tracks, and collaborates with other artists. He keeps his ear to the streets to reinvent and spread his brand worldwide.

PB Hassan has rocked many ciphers and shows and toured worldwide with artists such as AMG and Domino. He’s worked with many artists and producers such as Dr. Dre, Howie Tee, DJ Quick, Shaunta, MoKenStef, and many others. He’s also been featured on the soundtracks for House Party 3, Half Past Dead, Deuce Biggalo Male Jiggalo, and many others.

Official website: www.pbhassan.com
Soundcloud: @ pb hassan


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