Party of 5IVE


Party of 5IVE is a collective-regional group located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York that includes members Stacy Lymon, Jonny Wygee, Orlando, Flee Jones, and Press Grxxve. After spending some time in music, the artists linked up and created a project entitled “SOTS.” Party of 5IVE is unique because the artists reach out to more than just the music. The group is an entertainment group, not just an average Rap group. They market themselves, make their own videos, and do different performance variations.

The artists are involved in comedy, b-boying, schooling, and military careers but come together in the musical element. They make their own videos and develop themselves. You can check out videos coming up this month, Stacy L?!, Molly Crazy, Die Hard Dreams, and No worries with other video releases scheduled this summer. Another project is scheduled to be released later this year.

Twitter: @party_of_5ive
YouTube: @Party of 5IVE

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