P-Rock, The Fly Intellect


In the ever evolving and over saturated field of Rap music it’s often easy to overlook thousands of new artists that arrive daily. Many fads, trends, and imitations come and go as the seasons change. There are also examples of artists that make you take notice by choosing to do the opposite of what’s expected and create another lane. P-Rock is one of those artists. Promise Bruce hails from a region (Midwest) that is underappreciated and a city (Milwaukee) that is often forgotten when it comes to music and entertainment.

Facing the ongoing obstacle of his home turf having less notoriety hasn’t deterred P-Rock, but only motivated him to continue pushing towards the next level. In addition to being a recording artist, he has a degree in Public Relations and many years of experience working in radio. Possessing the rare ability to convey a message that the streets can respect and scholars can understand, he is aiming to shift the way people listen to/view Rap music.

Since opening for The Ying Yang Twins, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Nas, as well as being in the studio with Talib Kweli, P-Rock has released his new mixtape The Fly Intellect. The first single T.O.M.L. (Time of My Life) is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Courtesy of Out The Gate Records & Position Players Inc.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/primetimeprocka/energy-remix
Follow: @PRockthemic
G+: @PRock414


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